I just met another parent who lost their only child to the poor quality of medicine in Colorado.  People think this will not happen to me. This will not happen to my child in Colorado.  It happens everyday in this state, children and adults are allowed to be tortured and killed in Colorado by medical professionals and for years Colorado protects them!

Not only do they value an adult life at about 426,000 dollars, BUT this disgusting state says, a child is worthless because they have no earning potential. It gets even worse. Colorado does not allow for punitive damages. They do not recognize the pain and suffering of all the mothers and fathers when their children are killed.

This state continues to say, that my child’s days of pain and suffering are gone, because he is dead!! What I watched my child endure, screaming in pain for days as all the doctors stood by a and watched because a person could not read simple instructions printed on the side of a bottle of Clonidine powder.


Americans think, oh they got millions it must be a wrongful death or they got millions those medical professionals must have done something wrong. If no money is won, then Americans think, oh they did not do anything wrong.  THIS is how people think. Lots of money=guilty or No money= not guilty

MONEY is the only thing people listen to or see as a threat.  Colorado has long protected these negligent people straight up to the Attorney Generals Office and the DORA/ Division of Professions and Occupations. They will not let these horrible pharmacists, pharmacies, doctors, and hospitals even get a mark on their license. They allow them to keep endangering both adults and children with bad medicine!

****There was a bill that was voted down this past spring 2017 in Colorado. A parent who lost his son to bad doctors, a 6 year old boy I think. He tried to pass a bill in Colorado and this state voted it down.


A child’s life in Colorado worthless. Not just poor children, all children! A $300,000 damages cap in Colorado. Don’t get excited about 300 grand, they subtract medical bills, and again if the person dies their pain and suffering is gone!

Enough Colorado! My child along with many others should be alive! You killed my little boy! I want you all to lose your licenses and go to jail! That is what I really want! All to lose your careers for what you did to my son! All of you face charges!

A year and a half later:

*Detective Henry Stucky has NOT charged anyone with “failure to report”. None of the pharmacists or doctors reported a child overdosed to the authorities. They all failed as mandatory reporters.

*DORA and the Attorney General have NOT done anything with 5 charges and everyone involved still has licenses.

*The Larimer County Coroner did not do his job. Where are my son’s tissues?

*No one has been held accountable for the days of torture of my child.

This is not just about Jake Steinbrecher, it is about all children in Colorado! All lives in Colorado, this state does not value life, adults and absolutey has no value for children.

Again, the only threat people listen to is money. We all know the USA would not allow doctors or pharmacists to do hard jail time for criminal neglegence.  Colorado change the laws. Tell these pharmacists, nurses, and doctors if they kill someone they will be held accountable!

Coloradoans here is the law. Educate yourself! Adult life once dead, a few hundred grand. A child’s life less!

Note: The one million dollar cap is if you survive and are disabled. Don’t get excited they take out medical bills first.

Yes. Like a lot of other states, Colorado has passed a number of laws that put limits on the amount of compensation that a patient can receive even after a jury has found that an error by a doctor  or other health care professional liable caused the patient’s injuries.

Colorado is a little unique in that the state actually has two damage caps on med mal cases.

First, there is a $1 million “umbrella” cap on the total amount of compensation that a medical malpractice plaintiff can receive, whether economic losses — which includes payment of past and future medical bills, as well as compensation for lost income and reduced earning capacity — or non-economic losses, which we’ll explain in more detail below.

A plaintiff might be able to get around Colorado’s $1 million cap if there is good cause for doing so and the court finds that application of the cap would be unfair under the specific circumstances of the case, but any amount in excess of $1 million will typically be limited to compensation for future medical care and future earnings.

The second Colorado law you need to know about sets a damage cap of $300,000 on non-economic damages in a medical malpractice case. Non-economic damages are those that aren’t as easy to quantify or capture with a dollar amount. That includes compensation for “pain and suffering,” loss of enjoyment of life, fear and anxiety, sleeplessness, scarring, disfigurement, and other subjective negative consequences of the defendant’s medical malpractice.