I did not know my son had been labeled a liability to treat by the insurance company because of the overdose, and the doctors would let him die! On June 7th 2016, I made a sick appointment with Jake’s pediatrician, Dr. David Ottolenghi for first thing in the morning . Jake’s pediatrician refused to touch Jake when he came in the room and said, “He could do nothing to treat Jake because my son had blood in his urine and might have a kidney infection”.  Dr. Ottolenghi instructed me to take Jake to Poudre Valley Hospital . As soon as we arrived at the emergency room, I asked that my son be given something for pain and nausea right away. My son was not given any pain relief for nearly 7 hours, and never given heparin! Jake was clotting platelets upon arrival and this clotting was confirmed with blood work. I kept asking the staff “Where are my son’s platelets going”!? At approximately 12:30pm, I asked the doctor to perform a manual differential and count the platelets. The test was run, and I was told there were clots all over the slide. Jake was NEVER given heparin to stop the clotting. Please remember, Jake died from DIC, a clotting event. Poudre Valley Hospital decided to send Jake by ground transportation (ambulance) to Children’s Hospital Colorado yet again. I demanded a better hospital be located for our critically ill son. A new higher quality hospital was secured within approximately 15 minutes. Poudre Valley Hospital’s staff did not see that Jake needed aggressive treatment now! PVH requested a bed on the pediatric floor. This request was denied by the new higher quality hospital, and they informed PVH, Jake needed to be transferred by “flight for life” directly to the pediatric intensive care unit immediately. BY THIS TIME IT WAS TOO LATE TO SAVE JAKE!