Clonidine is also use for children with Sensory Processing Disorder. Jake had SPD, that many children with occupational therapy outgrow by 8-10 years old. This drug is manufactured with labeling in micrograms and is number 9 on the list of compounding pharmacy errors. In my son’s case, after many months of investigating, it was revealed that an unlicensed worker mixed my baby’s prescription 1000 times to strong. This never should have been allowed! A pharmacist, a person that could DO MATH AND READ THE LABEL SHOULD HAVE MIXED MY SON’S PRESCRIPTION!


[Editor’s Note]

What’s going unnoticed is the incredible danger children on psych medications are in even when they are not overdosed.

For those wishing for more information about this important subject please read:

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ADHD drugs
L.J. Devon
June 27, 2016

It’s a shame to see so many kids put on horrific ADHD drugs that cause physical and psychological drug dependence. It’s not just the drug itself that’s damaging; it’s the whole warped philosophy used to justify the drugging of children who won’t pay attention or sit still.

Kids today are told to sit still and pay attention for hours on end in constraining educational environments that squeeze the life right out their curious and imaginative minds. If they get…

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