On November 17, 2016 a state pharmacy board hearing was held at the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies in Denver, Colorado. I was in attendance at this meeting. To my shock, I see the owner of Good Day Pharmacy, Vicki Einhellig, walk into the room and sit at the pharmacy board table. How could this be? The owner of a compounding pharmacy with the least amount of safeguards I have ever seen, sits on the state pharmacy board!

Five charges were brought against Good Day Pharmacy, and sent to the Attorney General’s Office, to this day the AGO has done nothing with these charges.

Two charges against Tomi Folkestad, pharmacist on duty that should have made Jake’s prescription.

I brought to the attention of everyone, the initials on the label on the bottle did not say “TF” but “NP”.

After months of lying, Good Day Pharmacy finally released work records and proved that they allowed an unlicensed woman named, Courtney Lawson, to mix my son’s prescription at a lethal dose of 30 mg of Clonidine! 1000 times too strong! The woman’s initials on the bottle say, “Filled By NP” standing for Nicole Peterson. Good Day has to be the most dangerous pharmacy in the country!

One charge against pharmacist Joseph Poling, on duty the day my son was carried in unconscious minutes after taking his Clonidine. Joseph Poling advised that the bottle had not been shaken, and to let my son sleep it off. Critical time my son could have been receiving emergency care. Joseph Poling then closed the pharmacy, and went home not notifying the proper authorities there was a serious problem with one of the prescriptions.

Then there are two charges against Good Day Pharmacy themselves.

How?! Since November 10, 2016 has the attorney Krista Batchelder , attorney at the Colorado AGO done nothing with these charges! Why not!?

A 40 minute phone conference with Mrs. Batchelder took place with me, on June 30, 2017. A one way conversation. I was only allowed to add information, with no answers given to me at all!

It is time to demand, that Good Day Pharmacy be held accountable for all 5 charges against them, for overdosing my little boy 1000 times his concentration of Clonidine! MY SON NEVER HAD TO BE TORTURED, IF SIMPLE SAFEGUARDS WERE IN PLACE AT GOOD DAY PHARMACY!

CONTACT INFORMATION: Attorney Krista Batchelder at the Colorado Attorney General’s office. and her supervisor Pam Jackson can be contacted at 720-508-6432.

5 charges at AGO