The single greatest moment of my life, was when Jake woke from the coma. Amy Clevenger has the nerve to tell me just hours before, my son would never be the same again. He may not even speak again! When Jake woke, I was holding him. He said, “Hi Mommy”. I was in heaven! The nurse asked him, what is your raccoons name? My beautiful boy as ill as he was, fired back and said, “IT IS NOT A RACCOON, IT IS A MEERKAT!” NOW MY READERS? QUESTION? HOW CAN CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL BE SO CRUEL NOT TO LET ME HAVE THAT PRICELESS MOMENT???!!! FROM A MEDICAL STAND POINT! YOU DO NOT DELETE THE MOMENT A CHILD WAKES FROM A COMA! FACT! THAT IS BAD MEDICINE! THEY HAVE THE FULL 3 DAYS OF EEG VIDEOS! THEY JUST DON’T WANT TO RELEASE IT. IT SHOWS ME, CLEARLY SAYING EVERY 5 MINUTES, “DID YOU CALL THE PHARMACY??!!”