5 years later and no punishment has been issued to Good Day Pharmacy. Tomi Kay Folkestad was the pharmacist on duty that should have mixed my 8 years old prescription, but allowed a technician Courtney Lawson to dump 1000 time the powder of clonidine into my son’s bottle. No one ever checked that the prescription was made correctly until it was too late.

Tomi Kay Folkestad and Courtney Lawson now are employed by UC Health. They have better jobs now. How is this possible?! Courtney Lawson’s LinkedIn, certainly does not list that she overdosed an 8 year old 1000 times his prescription! Both these woman were allowed to continue practicing. NO! They should have been stripped of their licenses and forced to mop floors for the rest of their lives, not given the opportunity to have patients lives in their hands again!!

My son suffered for days with hallucinations, seizures, brain swelling, and unimaginable pain.

Courtney you had a lot of nerve coming the pharmacy board hearing, and sitting next to me! Not telling me you were the one responsible for overdosing my son!!!

In addition, I have never heard one thing on the 5 charges sent to the Colorado Attorney General. My son’s life did not matter,as long as the rich, white, people responsible didn’t get in trouble! They all go on like nothing happened.


The pharmacist:

Tomi Kay Folkestad PHA License 15850 and DORA state link.

Tomi Folkestad Doximity link.

All about the woman who sat next to me at the hearing, knowing she did all this!